Getting Paid to Work?

  Community Service is a voluntary activity that can include anything from helping those who are less fortunate in society to helping to maintain a local park. Community service can be very different from volunteer work, as it isn’t always done out of the kindness of the heart and can also be mandatory per certain

What is the Best Massage Gun?

  If you have been around a gym, been in a hot tub, or scrolled through your social media feed, you have most likely seen a popular percussive massager. In fact, if you haven’t been using one, then you most likely should be. Basically, they punch you in the face with a variety of different

About Vape – How to Make Your Own

  The word “vape store” is not really that widely used. Electronic cigarettes is actually an electronic unit that actually simulates cigarette smoking. It consists of a tank, an atomizer, and a heating element like a coil. Instead of smoke being inhaled, the user exhales the vapor instead. This means that using an electronic cigarette

Benefits of Weed and Marijuana

  Research continues to show many positive benefits of weed in the body. This time around, however, we will be looking at some of these studies investigating how marijuana and other medications derived from marijuana can affect neurodegenerative conditions, migraines, heart health, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Let’s face it – weed is legal in the