Don’t Let A Burglary Rock Your Home


Product Description: New Universal Design Night Lights For Home, Helmet Switch by K&N Products, Inc. is perfect as a gift for your little ones. They will surely be enjoying the light while sleeping. Its cutting-edge feature is perfect for camping, fishing, traveling, surveillance and so on. Each and everyday children need to use this product. It serves the purpose wonderfully.

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Two years ago my neighbor and I were having a discussion about security, and what the best way to protect our homes. My answer was simple and it was, install the same lights that I had installed on the outside of our house on the inside of our garage. We live in a quiet mountain view community and we have never once felt threatened. We also live just next door to two other families who have a swimming pool across the street and our own landscaping set back up to their front door. You can get more information about garage light product reviews

My neighbor and I are very close and have gone many times to summer cookouts and even to mountain biking. The fact is we do not really worry about our neighbors because all of us know each other. Well, not until last Tuesday. We had been out for a walk and a late dinner and when we got home our neighbor had called.

My friend, who is Latino, was out with his girlfriend and two other Latino guys. As they approached our home they started to yelling and throwing rocks on the front lawn and inside our garage. My friend and I were actually going to call the police, but our realtor showed us that in our area the police were called about three times as opposed to the one time our neighbor called. When we asked him why the numbers were so different, he told us that our neighborhood is known as a high school cross streets.

Our neighbor lives across the street from our football field, so obviously the problem took hold there also. Two other dark neighborhood neighborhoods around us also have been hit hard by this issue. We live on a corner and it’s the main thoroughfare through our neighborhood so it makes sense that this type of behavior should be happening there as well. If you’re an adult living in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of businesses and other adults that need to get out of the evening hours then maybe you need to seriously consider adding these lights. By doing this you are helping to make your home safer and help others feel more comfortable walking around at night in your neighborhood.

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