Interesting Facts About Coffee


If you are interested in facts about coffee, you probably already know that it originated in Arabia centuries ago. Arab countries have been producing coffee beans for generations. There have been various other countries that have introduced coffee to the world, but Arabia is considered to be the primary producer. The Arab countries export more than a billion dollars worth of coffee every year. Let’s take a look at some facts about coffee and where it came from. You can get more information about is coffee a diuretic

Facts about coffee are easy to come by when you are talking about coffee beans. Coffee is a caffeinated beverage made from roasted coffee beans, generally the beans of the Coffea species, greenish-yellow in color. When coffee beans turn from green to red to bright orange in color, they are often picked, dried, and processed. Dried coffee beans are usually roasted at different temperatures, depending on the preferred flavor.

One of the most common facts about coffee is that the caffeine in the beverage is present when the beans are picked. When the beans are still wet, they contain a negligible amount of caffeine, less than one percent. But as the bean dries, it slowly releases the caffeine and its effects start to become noticeable. At around one percent, the caffeine content in one cup of coffee is equal to the amount found in two cups of soda.

When one looks at facts about coffee, it is interesting to learn about the role of cocoa in the coffee production process. According to some experts, the origin of chocolate, the drink that we know today, was in fact originated in Arabia. Chocolate, according to these experts, is derived from the Cacao Tree and the dark chocolates that are produced are mixed with water to make a liquid state, were first cooked and then ground into powder form. These days, confections that have traces of cocoa are frequently sold as fine chocolates and they certainly do not disappoint anyone’s palate.

Other interesting facts about coffee include the fact that certain types of coffee beans are more beneficial for health than others. Roasted coffee is considered healthier than unroasted coffee because the antioxidants are reduced. This means that you should drink lighter types of coffee as a preventive measure against free radicals. In addition, the addition of cream and milk is known to bring back the original flavor of the coffee. It is important to note that cream and milk should only be added at room temperature and not overheated.

To end, it is important to note that facts about coffee are very wide and complex. Coffee is a traded commodity worldwide and its production and consumption are subject to many variables. In fact, the consumption of coffee has increased over the past few years in North America, South America and Asia. In fact, a lot of farmers depend on the export of coffee as their primary source of income. Therefore, if you are a coffee drinker, learn all you can about this delightful trade and spend some time learning about facts about coffee.

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