Make Your Home Beautiful With Rose And Glass Dome Candles And Flower Boxes


Rose and glass dome candles are an unusual yet very elegant combination. These two complementary colors of color can bring out the romance in your mood. When you have a romantic evening sitting at home alone, having this sort of candle will definitely make you feel that you are just on a dream-like state of mind, surrounded by love and beauty. These fragrances blended together to give a soft, romantic glow to your room.

Size & Dimensions Rose and glass dome in size are just 18 inches/7.1 centimeters, which is just a perfect size, so it appears generous and doesn’t take up too much space. With unique and stunning design with a real live rose bouquet with LED bulbs and silk flower in a clear glass dome, this will definitely add a charming, romantic accent to your room. In the center you can place a long stemmed rose bush with many petals that would flow gracefully down to the floor length candles. Another idea is to place a full moon or a moon shape candle in the bottom center and a single rose bush at the top with the petals cascading down towards the base.

The Romantic Elegance of Rose and Glass Dome Candles This scent is considered to be very sophisticated. It has a fresh and lively aroma. With this enchanting scent, your mood will easily become more romantic. This product also enhances your feminine and charming nature. You can add it in your room to create a wonderful romantic atmosphere; where women can feel inspired and feel special as they are sitting and chatting with friends. Visit to understand what chances you have.

Flower Lamp Vases The most amazing and beautiful lamp shades that can create a perfect atmosphere of elegance in any home. There are various ways in which these beautiful lamps can be used; either you can place them in a wall at your place to make it look more elegant. If you want to create a wonderful ambiance to your room, try using Rose and Glass Dome Candles with Flower Lamp Vases.

Candles and Sparkling Wine Chiller It is important to provide a cozy setting to women, to make them feel comfortable and special. You can always use candle and wine chiller. It is the best option to add more sparkle in your life. These candle chiller with glass stem glasses is sure to provide the perfect ambiance to create a relaxing and comfortable mood for all. All you have to do is to place this chiller in your kitchen, living room or guestroom. Make your guests feel special by providing these stunning accessories that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Flower Pot and Flower Box Create a romantic ambiance by placing your favorite rose or any other flowers in these elegant pots and boxes. The flower box comes with different types of beads and they are made from various types of materials like glass beads, crystal, sterling silver, and gold. These elegant pots and boxes come with clear glass doors, frosted glass, clear or colored glass, and also some that have beautiful crystals, rhinestones and gemstones in it. You can use flowers like lilies, daffodils, roses, and orchids among many more to decorate your home with these gorgeous flower pots. Just like the rose and glass dome, these flower pots are sure to enhance the beauty of your home.

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