Types of Inkjet Printers

Primera Ink Cartridges are a popular form of digital printing, which reproduces a digital copy of an image using droplets of ink on paper and other suitable plastic substrates. Since inkjet printers use water-based inks, images printed using inkjet technology look much like original images printed out on paper or glass. Inkjet printers are typically the most common type of digital printers, and number from tiny, affordable personal use models right up to more powerful, professional grade machines. Some inkjet printers use cartridges while others are plug and go devices, with the printer providing the ink for the associated cartridges. Ink jet printers also have “black and white” and “lithrow” printing capabilities.

The two main categories of inkjet printers are inkjet toner and printer ink. They are often accompanied by photo printers and faxes in one unit. The inks used in printer ink are water-based inks, which tend to be less expensive than laser dyes. Because they are less expensive, many companies in the home and business environment use inkjet printers to produce as many prints as possible instead of relying on more costly laser or pixel printer types.

Inkjet printers make use of air-filled ink cartridges, or droplets, to feed paper or other materials. When a droplet is accelerated against a surface, the droplets deposit their ink directly on the surface – either the entire page the selected text, or just part of it. Depending on the quality of the droplets, this process may result in a bright, detailed print or a faint, faded effect. To obtain the best results, inkjet printers require a good flow of the ink onto the paper or other material. This is achieved by evenly spraying the ink and not drooping the droplets over and under the print area.

High-quality inkjet printers often have one of several options for feeding paper. Two types of inks are available: pigment-based inkjet printers, which are also called monochrome printers, and high-performance dye sublimation printers, which are sometimes also referred to as dye-sublimation printers. Pigment-based inks are generally offered in single colors, but may also be offered in a variety of colors, although most printers commonly utilize only black. Because pigment-based inks tend to fade over time when exposed to light, they are not appropriate for printing photos or images that will be displayed outdoors.

High-performance inkjet printers use high-speed continuous ink cartridges that require very little maintenance. Although they generally do not require any sort of maintenance, some of the features of the high-performance models, such as built-in LED lights, may require that the user replace the toner cartridges, or at least clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some manufacturers offer in-line cleaning systems that feature built-in brushes to remove the build-up of dirt and fingerprints from the toner cartridges. In addition, some of the high-performance laser printers may actually require that the user replace the entire toner cartridge, whereas others will simply require that the toner cartridge is replaced when it is empty.

In addition to inkjet printers, some laser printers make use of paper trays. Some inkjet printers utilize a tray with a plastic sheet placed over a heat sink, while other inkjet printers utilize a tray that is made to resemble a magazine and is placed on top of the printer. These types of paper trays typically have an adhesive strip or an “S” shaped piece of plastic around the edges, which allows the paper to be held securely in place, much like the front cover of a book. This method of providing a covering for the print material allows users to create larger volumes of text or images, as well as to preview the results of the printing process before actually printing the material.

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