Prime Secure security guards are not only trained extensively

Our fully trained and Licensed Security Guards work dedicatedly to secure your premises and counter all kinds of modern security threats. We take pride in ensuring all our manned security officers strictly comply with the International Security Standards and maintain a high level of professionalism. We are experts in handling all kinds of security emergencies that demand a high-profile deterrent and a greater degree of adaptability.

Prime Secure security guards are not only trained extensively in providing effective security services, they are also experienced in crowd management and conflict resolution. manned guarding London is one of the most popular security services of our company. We try to make sure that you have an individual security guard protecting your property.

As one of the busiest cities in the world, London’s businesses, buildings, public spaces and attractions are subject to huge numbers of resident and visitors. Keeping your business, employees and the public safe and secure can be a challenging task. Our security guards operate under BS 7499 which is specific to security guards. Prime Secure are one of the UK’s leading and most accredited security companies, and we’ve been guarding London’s property and people for over 25 years. Although modern technology has improved the efficiency of surveillance techniques, the visible presence of security guards is equally important because they can deter criminal activities without getting hacked.

However, at Total Guard, we believe that no matter how innovative your technology, you can’t beat the level of safety and security that having a physical security guard presence offers to many different types of business. Our security guards are fully SIA-licensed and understand the importance of protecting all aspects of a business without causing disruption or interference. The security team can work in conjunction with your company to tailor the way they work so as to match your needs and preferences. Prime Secure Systems Ltd t/a Prime Secure holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services. Designed to supplement security technology, our airport security guards are experienced and highly trained.

All our security guards are fully compliant with industry standard regulations, operating under SIA approved contractor status. Well trained, reliable and cost-effective, our professional security guards in London are the perfect solution when you need a physical presence in a corporate or commercial space. Put simply, a static and highly visible hotel security guard presence provides an excellent deterrent, helping to prevent incidents before they even occur. If the worst does happen, our hotel security guards are experienced and trained in dealing with all manner of incidents.Our bespoke protocols are devised in conjunction with our clients, so we can seamlessly fit into your current operating procedures, providing efficient and effective security without disrupting your day to day operations. With thousands of new visitors each day, airport security guards must be specifically trained to identify threats, as well as being trained in crowd management and conflict resolution. Our office security guards are experts in access control, ensuring only those who should have access to your premises are admitted. With detailed record-keeping, they will document all entrances to and exits from your office. Office security guards not only reassure your staff, but they also provide an air of security and safety to visitors, helping to create the right impression for your company. We train our security guards to identify and respond to threats, operate high-tech security equipment, monitor suspicious activities, provide customer service, and assist during medical emergencies.

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